Now Available: Holesky Testnet Faucet! Get Yourself Some Testnet ETH!

Date: 25.01.2024
Now Available: Holesky Testnet Faucet! Get Yourself Some Testnet ETH!

We are thrilled to announce the launch our own testnet faucet for the Holesky netwok!

Our new testnet Ethereum faucet is a straightforward and accessible resource for all members of the Ethereum community. In its first iteration, it allows users who already possess Holesky ETH to request additional testnet ETH. This tool is especially useful for developers and enthusiasts looking to test and experiment within the Holesky ecosystem, and who are in search of additional units of these limited resources.

Why Are We Doing This?

Our primary goal is to support and empower the Ethereum community. We understand the vital role that accessible resources play in innovation and development. By providing this faucet, we aim to remove barriers and encourage experimentation and learning.

What's Next?

This launch is just the beginning. We see this faucet as an experimental step – a way to gauge community interest and gather valuable feedback. If there's enough attention and usage, we plan to expand and enhance this service in several ways, including:

  • Making ETH Requests Easier: We aim to transition from a claiming process to a more streamlined request system, making the initial ETH requirements zero

  • Expanding to Multiple Networks: To cater to a broader range of needs, we're considering expanding our service to support multiple networks

Try it Out!

Your interaction with the faucet and feedback are crucial. They will shape the future of this service and potentially lead to more advanced features and broader network support. So, dive in, experiment, and let us know your thoughts!

How to Access the Faucet

To access the faucet, just follow the steps outlined in this video. For now you are able to claim 0,01 ETH once every 24h. Remember, this service is currently in its experimental phase, so we appreciate your patience and feedback as we work towards making it even better!