Under the Surface 004#

Date: 21.03.2022
Under the Surface 004#

You can watch the video here:

The #004 biweekly update of the Stereum team, another two weeks of work behind us. We have implemented a new API standard, the UX is getting better and better and the 13th Gitcoin Grand is runng. So let’s start.

Rest API Inplementation & UX

The new Validator Key API standard has been implemented for Lighthouse in Stereum. We are already working on the implementation of the other clients as well – Teku, Nimbus, and Prysm. As mentioned in the last post, the new Rest API standard, developed by the client teams, standardises the entire validator import process, making it easier for developers wanting to build onto the clients. In addition, we have also made further progress regarding the UX, to be more precise there are many smaller things that have finally been completed. For example the node page is kinda finished and the node management page is ready to run. As you can see from the clip (on the right), Stereum 2.0 is shaping up to be visually accessible and when you see the finished software, we hope you will be amazed.

Under the Surface 004#

Final Stage of the Challenge

The Update & Upkeep Challenge in its final stages. In total 140 different validators participating and only a few are still in the run.  We had some interesting little hiccups. The chart sowing doubts in 97#, with the truth about his performance level in the end prevailing. 107# who spoke about becoming collateral and joking about a conspiracy. Hopefully now knowing what got him into this place.  We are happy to show you some numbers. Disclaimer: Just know, we don’t want to disclose how many are on one node. As you can see there some interesting stats our participants kindly shared with us, as well as an unwillingness of our participants to call themselves “experts”. Too humble guys.

Gitcoin Grant Round 13

The Gitcoin Grant Round 13 is still running & during it you can expotentially help our efforts by donating even a small amount. Projects like ours live from donations & grants, so if you want to support anything we are doing at Stereum, pls consider donating to us – thank you for your help.Stereum Gitcoin

Last Kiln Testnet

Kiln, the last new testnet before the merge is also live now. We can’t wait to test the merge on the live test nets. Exciting times ahead. Maybe we get to muse about it together in Amsterdam, can’t wait to meet you.