Under the Surface 005#

Date: 01.04.2022
Under the Surface 005#

You can watch the video here: The #005 biweekly update of the Stereum team, another two weeks behind us. Today’s hot topics are the finalization of the first versions of Stereum 2.0 and our preparations for the DevConnect.

Finalization of Stereum 2.0

The finalization of a first version of Stereum 2.0 was the biggest topic at our last team meeting, our efforts are slowly coming to fruition.  Our big goal is to present you a first version of the new software in 2 weeks. We have already done the most important things – the only missingpiece is connecting all parts together, polishing and some bugfixing. We want to be able to show you the whole process from empty server to functional node. Important to clarify – this won’t be a release version meant for everyone, but a first version to showcase Stereum to you & test out the software. 

State - 28.3.2022
Under the Surface 005#Under the Surface 005#

The Devconnect is coming up and we are totally occupied with the preparations. As described before you will be able to test out Stereum in Amsterdam yourselves. Our founder Stefan will give a speech there and present everything to you. We will also have a booth at the Staking Gathering Event at where you can ask us all the questions you always wanted to know. We will also have a setup of Stereum 2.0 for you to try. We have more things planned, work tirelessly to organize behind the scenes and we also got some prizes like our super cool socks and POAP`s prepared. So be sure to stop by to chat and give some feedback! More information will be in the next special episode of under the surface, but you can always write us on Discord, if you got some questions on your mind. We can’t wait to meet you there!

The END of the Update & Upkeep Challenge

The Update and Upkeep Challenge is over, we have experienced ups and downs. Sooo much happened that it deserves its own post. In an over dramatized summary: there was some banter thrown, some false accusations made, technic computing like usual by breaking in the most crucial moments – a sunday-curse crashing it repeatedly. With the challenge having concluded, when this comes out the raffle is only a few days away on the 10th of April. If you haven’t gotten your Tiered POAP yet, let us know. If it is an S Tier, don’t forget to sign up for the raffle, you can find the LINK here. With the end of the challenge, the evaluation & the drawing of the winner, the challenge is going to come to an end. We hope you had fun and that you will participate again next time. We wanted to say again – thank you for participating & good luck to all the S Tier Badge holders!  We will follow the drawn excited!!!!