Ethereum Merge Support & The End of Stereum 1.X Support ​

Date: 04.08.2022
Ethereum Merge Support   & The End of Stereum 1.X Support ​

Stereum version 1.x is out and stable since the launch of mainnet beacon chain (launched on 1st December 2020 - yes it's that old already!). With this first version we introduced an open source option for staking, supporting all major consensus clients.

Now, with the biggest upgrade since back then, I'm a bit sad but also excited to announce End-of-Life of Stereum 1.x in favor for Stereum 2.

Some of you might noticed already the lack of updates and fixes of known issues for some time: Stereum 1.x won't support The Merge and RockLogic GmbH will stop development, maintainance and support for this version as soon as The Merge happens on the various networks. Goerli/Prater will merge around the 12th of August, mainnet will probably follow a month after this date.

With Stereum 2 we not only offer a new way of entering the Ethereum network with much more use cases but also make it available to everybody, not only tech people confident enough to follow technical guides though we are not going to abandon them. The new version is a huge leap forward for everybody and we are working for this jump to a new experience since December 2021.

If you missed out on updates of Stereum 2, here's a small recap:

  • Use-Case based setup: Choose solo staking, blox ssv & more to come

  • Flexible updates: Update only specific services, or all of them at once

  • In-App guides & tutorials

  • Client diversity on every level: 3 execution clients & 4 consensus clients to choose from

Stereum 2 will leave beta status behind just before mainnet chains merge together. We are going to offer guidance on youtube, twitter, discord and on our website for newcomers as well as Stereum 1 users.

-- stefa2k