Under the Surface 018#

Date: 21.10.2022
Under the Surface 018#

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Stereum 2.0 Beta Updates

Under the Surface 018#

With our latest release it is now possible to install MEV-Boost with our Stereum Launcher. 

It is an experimental feature, meaning we don’t recommend inexperienced users to try this as you can easily break or corrupt your database, but if you are willing and pose some prior knowledge: 1. Click on "Edit Node" and go to the right until the window with all clients and services opens.

2. Scroll down until you see the MEV-Boost icon and drag it into the service plugin window.

3. After you have done that click on ADD on the left. 4. Go again to the right and click on “CONFIRM” If you did everything correctly the service should be installing now.

5.You can check this in the Task Manager. 6. After that you have to manually configure MEV Boosts connections as well as the relay that it used, in the expert mode.

7. Now we can go back to the node page and click on the MEV-Boost Icon, then click on the green power button to start the service. 8. Now the service is running. 

Under the Surface 018#

With MEV-Boost also the custom installation is finally integrated into Stereum 2.0. You can now play around with the services. The big thing here is, we wouldn’t recommend to use the custom installation for mainnet nodes. But if you just want to play around with it and try out new setups feel free to do so.  

Under the Surface 018#Under the Surface 018#

Also, a game changer from the Release Candidate 6 is that you can now use an RPC/API endpoint connection to run & monitor your blockchain activity through your own node. 1. With this you can connect dApps like Rotki or wallet that supports Custom RPCs like Metamask with your node. 2. After that open up your Port in Stereum whenever you want to start sending transactions, you can do that by clicking on “OFF”.  3. Don’t forget to close it afterwards, by clicking on “ON”. 

We will upload a detailed Tutorial in the Upcoming days, so don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. 

Other than that, we also fixed a lot of different bugs. For example, we had a problem with adding services over drag & drop. This is of course now fixed. 

Under the Surface 018#

We also added that you can start/stop and manage Prometheus. That was a little thing that was missing but is now a thing of the past.

Under the Surface 018#

The next implementation is for all our experts. You can now display the logs of services by double clicking on the service.

Under the Surface 018#

A little Design change that we implemented was that we disabled everything that is coming soon, so you cannot go wrong with anything, but you can still see what is going to come in the future. 


Under the Surface 018#

We are currently working painstakingly on releasing the Full Release of Stereum 2.0. With the Full Release most of the little problems should be gone and also the most important features should all be implemented and should work fine. We want to make Stereum a superb node management tool. In the next weeks, keep an eye on our Github to track the progress. If you look through it, you will find “Full Release” Milestone. This is the remaining progress necessary left until the release of the 2.0 full version.  With this, we want to thank you guys for joining us this early. A lot of new things on the horizon and with that also a lot of new questions are coming up. Please keep is us in the loop of what you think.  

As always if you need any help you can either watch our Videos, read our step by step Tutorials or come directly to our Discord to ask any question you have. Also watch out for our Devcon interviews on Twitter, we are currently posting them from Monday to Friday. They turned out great!