Under the Surface 007#

Date: 13.05.2022
Under the Surface 007#

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The Stereum team’s bi-weekly update #007 is here and today’s post is about the current state of Stereum 2.0 and whether you will see us at Devcon in Bogota.

Stereum 2.0 - Current State

Stereum 2.0 is getting closer and closer to the first public version. This week we finally implemented one of the last core features missing before the release – a task manager. You can now keep track of your tasks & see what is being installed. As you can see it will be a pop-up window at the bottom left – easily accessible but not annoying. A lot has changed from the previous version and a few more things will change. We think Stereum 2.0 is already very nice and I hope the ones, that could already try the alpha version at the DevConnect would aggree with us. All that is left before we can release an alpha is now that we make an early version of the staking page available, meaning we can start opening up testing to the public. Getting involved in testing will reward you a GitPOAP. Details on how you can earn it will be  revealed in a future episode, until then if you have any questions or want to know more about Stereum 2.0 – please join our Discord Channel or visit our website. 

State - 9.5.2022
Under the Surface 007#Under the Surface 007#

Devcon 2022 - Bogota

In October we are going to the Devcon in Bogota and we hope to see as many of you as possible. We have already started our planning and you can wait excited to see what we have for you. Among other things, we will have a more present Stereum booth this time as well as visit many more events. Of course we will prepare aa lot of prizes and also POAPs for you. We can’t wait to get on the plane.

Ethereum Staking CLR Fund

We got offered the opportunity to be part of the Ethereum Staking CLR Fund – hosted by the household ETH Staker community! The CLR Fund uses Quadratic Funding to amplifiy your contribution to public goods, making every sum a vote, and turning your donation into extra provided funding, even if you can’t give much yourself! To participate, you will need funds on Arbitrum enabling fast & cheap transactions & use Bright ID for private, decentralized identity verification. If you are able to give, support Stereum and our development of Stereum 2.0 on the page in the description. There you can also find some information on how we are going to use the funds. For further questions you can join our discord – there we will answer every question you have. Thank you very much for every contribution and also thank you for your attention on this topic.