Under the Surface 003#

Date: 01.03.2022
Under the Surface 003#

You can watch the video here:

The #003 biweekly update of the Stereum team is all about the start of our Update & Upkeep Challenge, little UI changes and the first design for the stereum merchandise is here.

Challenge is ready to run

Under the Surface 003#

If you are reading this, then our Update & Upkeep Challenge is already in full swing. We are excited to see what stories you have to tell this time. At the last challenge there we heard stories of collapsing infrastructure and saw people failing on the last day. This challenge will run until 31.03.2022. After that we will evaluate the results and we will send out the POAPS. Don’t forget to sign up to the raffle when you receive the S-Tier POAP to have a chance to receive the prices listed in the PRICES section.  From the pool of S-Tier POAP receivers we randomly pick ONE winner via The winner of the prize will be notified on after the raffle is concluded via Discord & if given permission to us, announced on the Stereum Discord. If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please come to our Discord channel.

API Validator

We are currently working into integrating the new Validator Key API standard into Stereum. Currently our efforts mainly are Lighthouse, as it is one of first and were critical in the definition & implementation of the standard. The new standard certainly simplifies the whole process, while keeping the same functionality. We are happy to see that the whole space is getting better and better, allowing us to get the most out of it for Stereum. We also added monitoring for Lighthouse and Nimbus last week. There were many other smaller changes, like every week, you can find this change and follow our development on GitHub.


Under the Surface 003#

We are already one step further concerning our future merch. The first garment is here, our super cool new socks. They will be available for you soon, also we are planning other things like t-shirts and hoodies. If you still have a design you really want to have, write us on Discord.


The UI is progressing – Drag & Drop and the Sidebar – are working now. This means that you will have more comfort when using Stereum. The UI is already very advanced and the process of wiring has already started. So we are getting closer and closer to Stereum 2.0. There are of course minor issues here and there, but that’s just always part of the process. We plan to present a first preliminary version of Stereum 2.0 at the Devconnect.  More about the new version of Stereum can be found on our website.