Under the Surface 016#

Date: 19.09.2022
Under the Surface 016#

You can watch the video here:

Stereum 2.0​

The merge is done and we are really excited that everything went over smoothly. If you are interested about the merge and what it means for you, you can learn more about it in our latest video:

Beside the merge of course a lot of other stuff happened in the last two weeks.  One of our main focus was again on bug fixing. For example, we fixed a bug where expert mode would escape special chars. Also its now fixed that you cant list or import validator keys when the setup is in progress. This bug was already fixed in the last episode but it still appeared when using a specific combination of clients, now everything is optimized.  We've also spent a lot of our time on moving the custom install forward. With this you can create your own custom setup with Stereum. We are still in the process of developing some components needed, but of course, as soon as everything is done, we will inform you and here we already have some images from the development.  

A real quality of life improvement is the next topic. You can now easily remove your implemented keys from Stereum 2.0. That is done by the remove keys button in the staking page. 

Under the Surface 016#Under the Surface 016#

We also introduced a way to give some credit to all supporters of Stereum. We implemented a credits page and a gitcoin contributor wall in the next release. With this we want to express our gratefulness for all supporters & contributors out there. These two pages show all the people that contributed to the code base on Github, as well as the people that supported the grant financially on Gitcoin. This information is publicly available through both sites, but of course if you don’t want to be featured in there then hit us up and we will remove you as soon as possible. 

Under the Surface 016#

We also set graffiti for all validators. As you can see in the Staking Tab - there is a button to change the graffiti for one key. We will implement a button to change the graffiti of all validator keys at once, but we have to wait for the client teams to implement the right functions.  

A big hitter for all Stereum users is that from this beta version on, our client will have an auto update function. So if you want you can always be on the edge of our software. This of course can be activated / deactivated in the Stereum settings.  

Under the Surface 016#

We also fixed a bug where after logging out of a node and logging in to another one that doesn’t have any keys, you could see the keys of the first server you already logged out of. This bug is now also a thing of the past.

Another topic we are currently working on is the settings page. If you enter it by clicking the settings button. You will be able to change a lot of things, e.g. the language, if you want to get auto updates and a lot more as you can see. As you can imagine it will still develop a lot.  

GitCoin Grant 15​

The Gitcoin Grant Round 15 is currently going on and a huge thank you goes out to all who support us. For all that don’t know anything about the system of the GitCoin Grant, it works with a quadratic funding system where every donation will get multiplied by GitCoin. If you want to support Stereum you can do that not only by donating but our founder Stefan explained that in the best way: