Become a Node Runner!

Date: 13.11.2023
Become a Node Runner!

Today, our founder Stefan Kobrc will talk @ ETH Staker Gathering at 4:50 pm. Make sure not to miss it! Join our team in a vibrant discussion afterwards, where we are open to answer all your questions related to Ethereum staking, node operation - especially with our brand-new software release Stereum 2.0.0 - and RockLogic, the company behind it.

Why should you run your own Ethereum node? What do you need to run it, and how do you do it?

Learn how you can play a crucial role in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology and run your own Ethereum node. Stereum, the Ethereum Node Setup & Manager, stands at the forefront of this revolution.

This talk will provide you with an in-depth look into the development process behind Stereum and showcase its current feature set. It will shed light on its significance in fortifying the Ethereum network's resilience and promoting its decentralization.

Become a Node Runner!

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