Our Learnings from Devconnct 2023

Date: 22.11.2023
Our Learnings from Devconnct 2023

Our Learnings from Devconnct 2023

Shall we go in?

Devconnect 2023 is over - and we had a great time there!

We want to thank the organizers, the exhibitors and everyone we met for a tremendous week. Being part of a community that is both driven to and exhilarated by blockchain technology in general and Ethereum in particular is a thrilling experience that has made all our hard work this year for Stereum 2.0.0 worth-while.

Our Learnings from Devconnct 2023

Impressions from Istanbul

Having established numerous new connections and learned about the latest developments in our industry, we're excited to share some of our key insights with you.

Devconnect Coworking Space

A standout feature of each Devconnect event is undoubtedly the coworking space. Masterfully orchestrated by the Devconnect team, this venue served as a central hub for collaboration, allowing various teams to independently host and manage their events. Embracing the ethos of decentralization, this space fostered spontaneous interactions and the exchange of innovative ideas. The Devconnect team went above and beyond to create an inviting atmosphere, serving delicious Turkish ice cream and coffee, and facilitating lively discussion corners. The design of the space, reminiscent of a utopian cyber novel, and the meticulous decoration made it a true haven for developers. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all the organizers for this incredible experience.

Our Learnings from Devconnct 2023

ETHStaker Gathering

The ETHStaker Gathering was an electrifying experience, featuring a variety of thought leaders, pioneers, and trailblazers in the world of staking. The event covered a wide range of topics including tooling, infrastructure, liquid staking, and more. Designed with a dual-stage setup, it allowed participants to tailor their experience, fostering deep engagement and vibrant discussions. It was especially rewarding to see the staking ecosystem's teams come together, sharing goals, ideas, and laughter. Stefan's talk on Monday, 13th of November, provided an insightful summary of our contributions to this meta conversation, highlighting the current direction of the ecosystem and how Stereum plans to navigate in the ever-evolving space. You can catch Stefan's own talk here: Stereum Talk 13.11.2023.

LIDO's Connect

An aspect particularly close to our hearts is LIDO's effort to decentralize their node operator seat. We had the opportunity to participate in their community call and listen to LIDO's current plans. If staking and the Ethereum network are important to you, we highly recommend getting involved. You can follow the discussion here: LIDO Connect Talk. Show them that the will is there. We are sure this will be just the beginning of some broader decentralization efforts in LIDO's node operator set.

Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up our journey at Devconnect Istanbul, we are filled with energy from the new contacts we have made and the insights we have gained. This experience has enriched our understanding and has opened new horizons for future endeavors in the blockchain sphere. Stay tuned for what comes next from Stereum!