Under the Surface 013#

Date: 08.08.2022
Under the Surface 013#

You can watch the video here:

Stereum 2.0 Beta

Under the Surface 013#

With this milestone the focus is on the usability of the software and the support of use cases, more specifically we wanted to make it possible for everyone to solo-stake and to put an SSV network operator into operation in the testnet. However, this release has brought much more than just that. For example we have implemented the task manager.  With this you can not only monitor what is happening with your node, but can share in the case of an error the problem with the Devs faster by using this enhanced feature by copying the server logs and including them when you report your problem. 

Under the Surface 013#Under the Surface 013#

It is also possible to change the config as you want with the “expert mode”, you are not limited at all. This mode is mainly very interesting for developers because they can completely let off steam here and try out everything possible. Of course, every user can fall back on this mode. Another feature that has gone a bit under the radar in the last few weeks, but is nevertheless very important - our "mouse over menu" feature. You might have seen this one already, it's about the functionality that when you hover over a service with your mouse, 4 icons will pop up. 

Under the Surface 013#

We changed the layout of the control page, removed the command buttons to the bottom, added more space for the dashboard. To use this space we have also added a component that shows you the storage reading and writing speed, as well as component to show you the necessary server storage of each plug-in.  The next control panel change is about the status of the synchronization of the Validator Client or the Execution Client.

Under the Surface 013#

Of course, we had many changes and additions in the backend. Among other things, we changed the format of the code here and there and also changed the port on which the SSV Network Operator connects. 

Under the Surface 013#

The next change involves Teku, we have made it possible here to configure the memory usage, before it was limited to 4GB. You can configure it via the service configuration in the UI. 

4th Update & Upkeep Challenge​

The 4th update and upkeep challenge has started and we are excited to see the outcome this time. You can follow the latest results on our website where we update the leaderboard charts daily at around 12:00 PM UTC. We wish you of course further success and fun with the 4th challenge, if you still need something or have questions just head over to our Discord Channel. 

The Merge​

We are currently busy with supporting the merge of the Goerli/Prater Testnet and we are really excited to see the success replicated hopefully on the mainnet the month after. This is a histroical moment in the history of the ethereum devolpment and crypto as a whole, we are glad to be here for it.