DAAA Workshop Ethereum Node

Date: 24.06.2023
DAAA Workshop Ethereum Node

On June 26, 2023 we hosted a workshop together with DAAA, Angermann IT-Services, Validvent Tax and the support of WKO NÖ at our premises in Leobendorf near Vienna.

The main topic was setting up an Ethereum node on the participants’ own equipment, which everybody managed successfully!

To cover non-technical aspects of Etherum staking as well we had Validvent Tax do an overview of node taxation, commercial activity and deductibility of costs, with an emphasis on Austrian tax regulation concerning crypto assets.

While making valuable contacts and socializing was also part of our agenda, towards the end there was still huge interest in special aspects of our Stereum software’s special capabilites, SyncLink and SlashingGuard.

A warm “thank you” to everyone who contributed to this wonderful experience - as the workshop was perceived as “GREAT” by everybody we are already planning to do another one in October 2023.

So, if you want to become a Node Runner, stake Ethereum solo and bank on your node saving yourself the hassle, come back here again for the latest news of Stereum on Ethereum!

DAAA Workshop Ethereum Node