Under the Surface 022#

Date: 06.02.2023
Under the Surface 022#

You can watch the video here:

Overview: RC.10, 11, 12 Releases​

  • Slashing Protection DB download when removing and upload when importing keys

  • Happy to welcome Lodestaras a supported consensus client

  • Excited to introduce Erigonas a supported execution client

  • Additional MEV-Boost relays selectable on mainnet and testnet

  • Bugfixes & small improvements

  • Important sync bugfix for Nethermind(Ethereum & Gnosis)

  • Gnosis validator statsdisplay valid values

  • !!! Experimental: Web3signer integrated !!!

  • Bugfixes & small improvements

  • Additional MEV-Boost relays

  • !!! Experimental: Gnosis full node !!!

  • Expert Mode for SSV Network configuration file

  • Checkpoint sync for Nimbus fixed

  • Services now have a toggle to include them in auto updates

  • Bugfixes & small improvements


Under the Surface 022#Under the Surface 022#

Please note that, this feature is currently still in its experimental stage, and not fully integrated, meaning you can install the Web3Signer currently via Custom Installation, but you will have to modify the necessary connections manually. 

The Web3Signer separates key management from block creation and consensus validation by signing blocks using a secure private key. It enables you to store your keys and call upon them in order to sign relevant data, such as new blocks. This separation of private keys from the client adds a layer of security to operating in a given protocol and simplifies the burden of key management for the user.  

Additional MEV-Boost Relays​

Under the Surface 022#

One of the most important news for all who use MEV-Boost is that we & a contributor have added new relays to testnet for the selection. The "ultra sound relay" added by Justin Drake for testnet & mainnet releasing with RC. 12, additional to us adding “Gnosis Agnostic” & “Aestus”. So if you have something in mind that we should add in the future, post a GitHub commit and we might implement your feature in the future.   We have added the Gnosis network to Stereum 2.0. This means that you can now also set up a node for the Gnosis network with Stereum 2.0 and as easily as possible. This change was very important as it lowers the barrier to entry for those who cannot afford the 32 ETH but want to join the Staking community. The implementation of the Gnosis network is still a work in progress and therefore we are not yet able to offer the full spectrum of Stereum features for Gnosis. But of course we are currently working on it. So stay tuned.  

CheckpointSync for Nimbus​

We have finally solved the Nimbus bug with CheckpointSync. This means you can now use CheckpointSync with Nimbus and basically any client we currently support. For those who don't know. CheckpointSync is a feature that allows you to sync your consensus client much faster because it takes a block that is ahead and syncs from there.  

Start/Stop Everything Button​

Under the Surface 022#Under the Surface 022#

We have added a cool new button to stop all services and also start them again. So this is basically a button to shut down your node. This can be useful if you want to edit your setup or modify your hardware, or just restart it if they are technical problems. You can find this function on the node page. 

Launcher Notification​

Under the Surface 022#

From now on, when a new update is available, you will be notified that you can update your Stereum Launcher, and this will happen before you log in to your node. Of course, you don't have to do this, but we would recommend it.  

With this update manager you can keep your Stereum Launcher at the latest version and your node will stay as trouble-free as possible. 

Refresh States after editing Node​

We also fixed a bug where Stereum did not update the stats on the control page after editing the node. This problem was solved by restarting all necessary services after editing the node. 

Switch between pubkey and display name​

We implemented a feature where you can switch between your public key and your display name very easy. With this you can hide your public key, when showing off your node to your friends. 

Bug Fixing​

Of course we also had a lot of different bug fixes. Important here is that if you find any bug in Stereum, pls report it on GitHub so we can fix it.